People search my name.  Lots of meetings and sometimes people get curious. Funny how there is more than one of us:

  •  Am I an Entrepreneur? Yup.
  • Am I the tech guy? Yup.  The game guy? Nope
  • Was I the retailer? Yup
  • Am I the basketball player?  Lol
  • Was I the photographer? Yup.  The one that photographs fish?  Nope
  • Am I in Theatresports in Florida?  Nope, but I’d love to join something locally

The personal me:  https://www.facebook.com/kevin.corkum

The work me:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/kevincorkum/  (What I’ve done not what I’m upto)


What I’m up to…

Workwise, my time is split between a couple of projects:

  1. Facebook Ad management.  It started out as an ecommerce exercise in learning how to build a business from paid advertising.  Dropshipping and POD.  I inevitably starting helping people build their Facebook ad presence.  I’m now managing multiple ad accounts for people.  Less money than my own Ecom site, but such a variety in clients that the learning is 10x.
  2. Online course promotion. My wife is a seasoned course ware designer, primarily in the enterprise space.  She is now launching her own line of courses and her ad account is my number 1 priority.

Personally, I’m having a ball:

  1. I’m building out a small video / podcast studio for friends and clients.  An online course makers  share lab.  Really, I’m just a video creator at heart.  I just don’t know what to say right now so I’m focusing on the messages of others.
  2.  I am what I eat.  I’m trying to grow as much of my food as possible.  So far it’s just a great excuse to buy tools.  Lots and lots of tools.




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