Is there a road less travelled in the age of Google Maps?

Storming: Project Serendipity

It started with a question about why in this age of data collection am I getting targeted ads for stuff I just bought.  I suspect that it’s just rudimentary machine learning.  As the Matrix gets smarter it will be better at predicting what I want now.

Or will it?

The questions started.

In the age of smartphones, do Store signs even matter?

With turn by turn directions will anyone stumble upon anything anymore?

Why am I thinking about industrial agriculture?

Monoculture.  Too much of one thing is not a good idea.As the Matrix gets better at predicting what we do like, we’ll probably turn into lazier consumers.  From an ecommerce point of view, repeatability = profitability.

But what about us early adopters?

How do we keep up the good fight of identifying “New and Cool” is the age of dozens of “New and Cool” content curation sites?

My most memorable date with my wife was when we went to the bookstore and bought each other a book that we knew the other would never buy, but probably enjoy.  It was a ton of fun and my gift sparked a love of African travel.  Ad display bot wouldn’t have caught it.

I joke about how many minimal wallets there are on Kickstarter (747 and counting), but really I’m crying inside.  In the first year of Kickstarter it was my source of the ultimate new and cool.  It’s still an incredible romp but I need a way to filter my search for NOT wallet NOT bike light NOT USB charger.

Where to turn?

What about an App that looks for patterns instead of categories?

Hey Ad guys, you know I like bags, why not ads about travel?

What are people talking about on twitter that I would never have thought to follow? (post on Kombucha coming)

I’m sure the App is in progress somewhere in Y Combinator / 500 startups / incubator.  Let’s call it wildcard or Maven or something like that.





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