UV sterilization. A new consumer appliance?

Storming: Project cleanfreeze

It started as a search for a meat freezer.  I wondered about the phrase “Deep-Freeze”

Is colder better?  How cold to kill more germs?

Does it work on clothes?  Does that jeans in the freezer thing work?  What about my running shoes? (edit:  great for a day, then back to gross.  Also, Wife Happiness -3)

Hmm, nope. Turns out keeping them in the sun works though.  Good old fashioned mother nature. I wonder if the sun on steroids would work? My float tank has a UV filter.  I have a Steripen for travelling.

Tanning salon my runners? Wouldn’t the theory kill my skin germs?

There must be different types of UV.  Why do homeless people stink if they’re outdoors all the time?  Ahh, Ozone.  Note to self: Smell a desert person next opportunity.

Next step is to build a UV-C lightbox.  See what happens to those runners…





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