3 reasons.

1) People search my name.  Lots of meetings and people get curious. Funny there is more than one of us.

Am I the Entrepreneur? Yup.

Am I the tech guy? Yup.  The game guy? Nope

Am I the retailer? Yup

Am I the basketball player?  Lol

Was I the photographer? Yup.  The one that photographs fish?  Nope

Opportunity:  Linked-in is too corporate.  Your profile is like a resume, it better be legit.  But what about works in progress?  What if I want to emphasize my future, not my past?

2) It’s goes further when I write it down.

I get a lot of enjoyment helping people brainstorm.  Facilitating a storming session is about keeping the thoughts going with questions.  It’s a partnership, like Improv.

Opportunity:  I love Mindmapping and Evernote, but more blogs about analog tools and techniques would be cool.  You can brainstorm anywhere about anything.

3)  Note to self, when you write down how many reasons, sketch out the reasons before you focus on one.  What was the third reason?

Opportunity:  Physician, Heal Thyself


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